Dribbble Meetup

Today was an exciting day for me as I was invited to participate in the Tehran Dribbble Meetup at Amir Kabir University of Technology. This meetup is a platform for designers, artists, and creatives to come together, network, and share their ideas and experiences.

I was thrilled to be included as a panelist in a discussion on the Business of Design, alongside three highly esteemed studio owners. Our discussion was centered on the challenges of working with different businesses and companies in various industries, and the panelists shared their perspectives from both the design and business perspectives.

As a business owner, I shared my insights on the importance of soft skills for designers and artists. I emphasized that having excellent communication skills, the ability to effectively collaborate, and a strong understanding of client needs are all essential for success in the industry.

In addition to sharing my experience, I also offered some marketing tips and tricks for designers to help them effectively showcase their work and reach their target audience. For example, I talked about the importance of creating a strong online presence, using social media to promote your work, and networking with potential clients.

The panel discussion was highly interactive, and there was a lot of engagement from the audience, who asked insightful questions and shared their own experiences. I was struck by the level of talent and passion in the room and felt honored to be a part of this incredible community of creatives.

The event was a huge success, and I was grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from my fellow panelists. If you’re interested in reading more about the event, you can find a report on the Dribbble official website by clicking here!

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and I came away feeling inspired and energized. I look forward to participating in more events like this in the future and continuing to grow and develop my skills as a business owner in the design industry.

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