HUAWEI HONOR 9X Launch Event - Parviz Aria CMO - Keynote Speaker

I’m a dreamer and surrealist who truly believes in blockchain and in love with games and social media. I have +15 years of experience in a wide variety of different industries from IT to FMCG and consumer electronics. I have a rich experience working as a project manager or team leader with a transformational and inspirational management style which made me a people person. In my working philosophy, I don’t believe in micro-management and I am result-oriented.
During the past years, I work as an eCommerce and eBusiness consultant in the digital world. The core strategist at the heart and I believe in are focusing on sustainable growth rather and only achieving the targeted ROI. It is more about being sustainable, not achievable.


The Joy of Work


During my career  I had the pleasure and honor of working with hundreds of colleagues and team members.

  • Managed +100 team member directly.
  • Hired +40 team members directly.

Moreover, I have several excellent case studies among my team, which I hired the character and trained the skills then not only they helped my businesses to grow but also, they had tremendous individual growth. Most of them currently are managers or directors in several well-known local or international companies like Walmart, Huawei, Digikala, Café Bazaar, Snapp, and System Group.



How can I help?



As an eCommerce specialist, I’m skilled for analyzing an eBusiness, and designing an e-commerce plan to market it, track progress towards goals, and adjust the plan as conditions change. I have been blessed to work with a mix of clients and specialize in the areas of eCommerce management and Online branding. I have In-depth knowledge of eCommerce marketing with expertise in identifying emerging ecommerce market trends. Moreover, my IT background helps me a lot to well-understanding, expanding and managing ecommerce products.

Marketing Consultancy

My key focus as is on digital marketing solutions, performance marketing which is assess the profitability of the marketing channels. My consulting services is based on over 10 years of auditing advertising accounts and managing professional teams in different channels of marketing including: Public relations, media buy, digital advertising, content marketing, social media and influencer marketing.
I plan to develop the marketing strategy based on your business objectives, advertising budget, and targeted ROAS. 360-degree marketing strategy including research stats, approach, action plan and KPIs.
I do believe that a marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities from marketing. Combining the strategic goals with an action plan is the key to achieve your business objectives effectively. As your experienced marketing consultant, my approach is custom-tailored based on the business objectives and marketing resources of the customer.

Startup Investment

Investing in startup companies is a super risky business, but I can help to make it highly lucrative one. I play the role of an advisor to accelerate, grow and get startups funded. On the other hand, I have the best access to the community and the network of elite people in the ecosystem. I can serve to help you finding future stars which are still undervalued. Help them to grow, to create success stories and to make sure your investment will be remunerative.

Smart Phone Industry

  • Rich Experienced in smartphone industry and well understanding of the local market.
  • Connection with smartphone brands which helps me in negotiations and selection.
  • I can build the best smartphone team in every domain.
  • Channel management and expansion.
  • Smartphone marketing is horse of a different color. I am experienced and creative enough to setup the marketing strategies for smartphones.